Ideas For Preschool Teachers

Teaching preschool in Fremont California is about more than resolving squabbles and encouraging alphabet recognition. Young children are eager to learn and absorb information quickly through play and observation. Inspiring young minds with developmentally-appropriate activities and a rich educational environment is the aim of dedicated early child education professionals. Educating young children is both challenging and rewarding, especially when utilizing good practices yield successful results.

  • Planning & Preparing

    An organized classroom is essential for successful school days with youngsters. Keeping all the necessary supplies on hand helps manage small setbacks, such as skinned knees, runny noses, and spills. When preparing the daily routine, spend plenty of time planning which activities will be offered each day. Envision the transitions that students will need to make to ensure the plan is age-appropriate and will work for the whole group.

  • Consistant Activities

    Young children thrive in an environment that offers consistency in both schedules and expectations. Many behavior problems can be entirely avoided when students can look forward to familiar transitions, such as story time and after snack time, and can count on the rules staying the same each school day. A schedule filled with a variety of playtime and learning activities is the hallmark of a successful Montessori school in Fremont.

  • Making Adjustments

    Young children can be unpredictable. Those that are usually happy and kind most of the time may have a bad day and become very grumpy while others can lose interest in activities that have traditionally captivated their attention. By changing or adjusting the learning activity when the original plan just isn’t working is sometimes the best way to get back on track and meet the current needs or your young and sometimes restless students.

Know Your Students

Getting to know each student personally and monitoring group dynamics is the best way to plan activities that will both interest and enrich young children. Counting plastic dinosaurs as you sort them during cleanup time is just one way you can reinforce academic concepts during play. Offering a variety of fun activities in a safe, organized environment will help the next generation of Fremont learners move forward.