hatred for others

Burglary, fraud, and identity theft are a few examples of crimes committed against random individuals with no regard for their race, sexual orientation, physical disability, or the like. Hate crimes, on the other hand, are crimes committed against people specifically because of their race, sexual orientation, physical disability, or other specific identity. Knowing what hate crimes are allows them to be classified and identified.

  • Hate Crime Examples

    A Jewish man being verbally and/or physically harassed for wearing a yarmulke is an example of a hate crime, and the same is true of a transgendered person finding his or her car vandalized with transphobic slurs. It wouldn’t be considered a hate crime if the home of the Jewish man or transgendered person was burglarized. Instead, it would be considered a criminal act.

  • Witnessing a Hate Crime

    Not only should victims of hate crimes report them, so too should those who witness hate crimes. Calling 9-1-1 or the police, or filing a report online are all effective ways to report hate crimes. Informants should include such details as where the crime occurred, the names and physical descriptions of the victim and the criminals, what occurred during the event, and any images captured.

  • Hate Crime Accusations

    There might also be situations in which you are accused of committing a hate crime. If anyone feels they are falsely accused of a hate crime, don't panic. There are legal professionals who specialize in this type of situation. Just search online for criminal defense lawyers near me to find one in your local area. Such professionals know the law and how to protect their clients’ rights.

Learning about other people

Tempers can sometimes rise and lead to individuals acting out of character, and there are also certain truths we must admit to ourselves about certain prejudices we have. Sensitivity training and becoming aware of different cultures, lifestyles, and religion both help to learn more about the different types of people we share the world with and how to peacefully coexist with them.